Recruitment & executive search

Seafood People is a recruitment and consulting company focused on providing the global seafood industry with great talent, industry insight and inspiration. We believe recruiting is the single most important thing a company does. A great workforce not only does great work, it attracts other great people. We take pride in finding the best talent available, and by doing so, we strongly believe we will add value to this exciting industry. Our main area of expertise is recruiting top and middle management positions on behalf of the seafood sector.

Our Process



The formal and informal requirements that must be met and the skills required to master the job must be defined initially. The advertisement and selection of the candidates are based on these distinct requirements.



We will process all incoming inquiries, resumes and information, and provide a professional response in a timely matter. We treat all information and resumes from candidate’s with absolute confidentiality, and will never distribute or share any information, either from the client nor the candidate, without their expressed approval. In order to achieve efficient and targeted recruitment result, Seafood People may combine an active search in our industry network and markets, together with advertised recruitment.



Potential candidates will be invited to initial non-committal interviews, after which promising candidates will progress to the next level and are interviewed more in depth. Based on structured interviews focusing on competence, facts and motivation, along with tests we will present a short list of two to three potential candidates to the client. We offer recognized test systems delivered by Cut-e, and will conduct one or more tests with the candidates, depending on the position and what has been agreed with our client.



Seafood People will present the qualified candidates, that satisfy the agreed job analysis, description and specifications for the client. Seafood People will attend the final interview and decision process together with the client.



It is our task to minimize any risk of a wrong employment, and we will always conduct qualified reference checks, in order to ensure the right decision.


Hire & follow Up

After a successful hire has been made, Seafood People will follow up with both the candidate and the client on a regular basis. It is very important for us that both our client and the candidate are satisfied with the result.