Advisor - Strategy and Growth

The position’s key responsibilities:
  • Serve as trusted advisor to our clients, working with them to make clear data-driven choices about where to play and how to win, in order to drive growth and enterprise value
  • Assist Seafood Peoples clients in identifying strategies for growth and value creation
  • Develop an understanding of effective tools, skills and frameworks that can be brought to bear on new client problems, deploying them appropriately and sharing as best practice within the team
  • Define and deconstruct problems in order to drive to solutions
  • Execute creative analyses using a mix of quantitative and qualitative data and provide insight to identify issues and arrive at recommendations
  • Perform industry research
  • Simultaneously work on multiple projects
You quickly grasp complex issues and problems, identify the core of a problem and evaluate information thoroughly. You really enjoy working with concepts, models and strategies, and like and seek intellectual challenges. You act on own initiative, follow own direction, express own views and opinions freely. You set self ambitious and demanding target, enjoy difficult challenges and want to get ahead and succeed. It is in your nature to pay close attention to quality issues.

You are talkative, lively and sociable, enjoys being in groups and has a wide network of contacts. You are interested in others' behavior and you observe and analyze others' motives and reactions. You take care to follow procedures, always respects rules and regulations and see jobs through to the end.

Requirements for this position:
  • Completed Master’s degree or equivalent, with demonstrated high performance
  • 2+ years of experience with a management consulting firm, in-house strategy team or equivalent
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • A strong focus on personal growth and development
  • Ability to respond proactively and positively to ambiguity
  • A natural talent for evidence-based problem-solving, and a willingness to develop problem-solving skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Understanding at least one Scandinavian language will count as an advantage
  • Excellent English written and spoken language skills
  • You have to be able to identify yourself with our customers in the Seafood Industry, and the greater goal of feeding the world healthy seafood
The work atmosphere in Seafood People is energetic and influenced by the company’s global profile. We work across all time zones and need to plan our workload accordingly.

Seafood People value honesty, transparency and are committed to doing whats right. We strive to be keen observers, empathic listener and problem solvers. We want to inspire and to be inspired. Seafood People continues to influence the global seafood industry and you can now be a part of this great journey!

The right candidate will be offered a competitive salary package and the opportunity to join one of the Seafood Industries most influential companies.

Should you have any questions about this opportunity please do not hesitate to give us a call.
Advisor - Strategy and Growth