Cathrine Martinsen


Cathrine Martinsen is an trainee at Seafood People, based in Bergen, Norway.
Previously Cathrine had an internship at Seafood People. The internship was integrated into a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management at BI Norwegian Business School, based in Bergen. At BI, internships are credit-bearing courses, meaning that the students will receive credits equivalent to an elective course whilst gaining work experience.

At BI, four courses per semester are usually conducted. In previous semesters, the courses covered management, strategy, economics and marketing communication. Cathrine is most interested in the subjects related to management and communication, and hopes to further develop her skills within those areas as a trainee for Seafood People. She is finishing the last year of her Bachelor’s degree and expects to complete it by the spring of 2019.

Prior to the Bachelor’s degree, Cathrine lived and went to high school in Fredrikstad, her native town. Over the years, she has worked in various part-time jobs in the steel industry, on a boat marina and in a kindergarten. Cathrine had finished half of her Batchelor’s degree in Trondheim before she moved to Bergen.